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Scholarships: a concrete path to higher education



Every day a new educational institution appears in one part of India or another, displacing our already expanding map of colleges and universities. Today we have 789 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11,443 independent institutes in India as per UGC report. Although the number of colleges and universities is growing, their enrollment rate is not very encouraging.




There could be a number of reasons why student enrollment at universities is low despite the availability of seats. One of those reasons could be students’ preference for paying jobs over tuition-paying universities. It would not be wrong to say that the financial condition of most of these students does not allow them to afford to pursue higher education.


To address this problem and attract more students to universities, our government and many private entities are working on national scholarships for university students. These scholarships cater to the diverse needs of students to ensure that for those pursuing postgraduate studies, lack of financial support never becomes an issue.


With this vision in mind, various websites, such as Buddy4Study, provide information on national scholarships for college students, so that comprehensive information is available to the student. Let’s take a look at these scholarships.


  • Central Sector Scholarship Program for College and University Students 2017-18

Launched by the Government of India, this National Scholarship for Undergraduates has been designed to provide financial support to outstanding students.


Students who are pursuing regular engineering or medical courses and who score above 80% at the 12 term board can apply for this scholarship. Your household income should also not be more than INR 6 Lac per year.


  • The scholarship is up to INR 20,000 annually.


AICTE-Saksham Scholarship Program 2017

Designed by MHRD and implemented by the Technical Education Council of India, the AICTE-Saksham Scholarship Scheme is for students with disabilities who wish to study a Diploma/Degree level technical course at an AICTE accredited institute.


To be eligible, the candidate must have a disability level of more than 40% and the total household income must not be more than INR 8 Lac.


The successful candidate will receive up to INR 30,000 per year and other incentives like scholarship.


Scholarship from the Ministry of Labor and Employment before and after finishing undergraduate studies 2017-18

This scholarship has been announced for students working in the wings of Bede workers, iron ore miners, manganese ore miners, chrome ore miners (IOMC), limestone and dolomite miners (LSDM) and film workers. .


Under this scheme, eligible candidates will get up to INR 3000 as scholarship.


  • Minority Post-Secondary Scholarship Program 2017-18

Offered by the Government of India, this scholarship is for students from class 11 to Ph.D. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, candidates must have scored at least 50% marks in the previous exam and their family annual income must be less than INR 2 Lac from all sources.


As a scholarship, eligible students will receive acceptance, course, and tuition fees, as well as a maintenance allowance.


  • Merit Care Mean Scholarship 2018

Launched by Buddy4Study, this scholarship is for students looking to graduate. To be eligible, the student must have obtained a 75% or higher on the last exam. Annual household income should not be more than INR 2 Lac.


Steps to Get Scholarships for Pakistani Students in College

Colleges and universities in Pakistan are an important source of access to technical and higher education. National, multinational and international companies are looking to hire skilled and experienced people to increase the value of their companies in Pakistan. this is the reason; Number of employees of these companies go to different colleges and universities to improve their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Most students cannot afford tuition and other expenses. Scholarships for Pakistani students becomes more important in this situation. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the latest fees of the colleges and universities in Pakistan.

Student behavior towards scholarship programs

Most of the students who stop participating in educational programs are poor. They believe they cannot afford higher education and have stopped participating in higher education programs as a result. Fortunately, there are a number of scholarships available in the education system to support these students, but they don’t know it. Even if they knew of such programs, they were hesitant to apply. The two main types of scholarships are available in the country to support these students. They can apply for a merit scholarship if they feel that their previous education record is quite good and they can apply for a merit scholarship based on these qualifications. Unfortunately, students fear the name feature. They think that they will have to prove that they are extraordinary to get this type of scholarship.

You should not be afraid of such things and you should apply for these scholarships. Another class of students are those who are in need of a scholarship but are hesitant to apply for these scholarships. If you are one of those people and you are hesitating to apply for a scholarship in Pakistan then you are totally wrong. You should know that grades or numbers are not a single factor that decides whether or not a student should receive a scholarship. There are a number of factors to determine whether or not a student should apply for a scholarship. For this; You need not worry about these things and apply for scholarships available at your college or universities. Scholarships for Pakistani students are available in the country on need and merit basis. Apply in the respective category that you consider most suitable for you.

Find out what documents are required to attach with your need or merit scholarship application. The application form will be available at the administration office of the university. You can get the form and fill it out to apply for the scholarship. Some quality universities also offer online forms to download from their website. You can download and attach the necessary documents for your online submission. If you are applying for a needy scholarship, you will need to provide your source of income and gross income, and in the case of a merit scholarship, you will need to submit transcripts of your previous academic record.

Best universities for international students in USA

There are many great universities in the United States that welcome and support international students. Here are some of the best universities for international students in the USA:
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Harvard University
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Duke University
These universities are known for their academic excellence, diverse student population, and strong support systems for international students. However, it’s important to note that the admissions process for these universities is highly competitive, and international students must meet specific requirements to be considered for admission. It’s important to research each university’s requirements and application process thoroughly before applying.


Your Ultimate Guide to Commonwealth Scholarships

Introduced in 1959, the Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) has become one of the world’s most prominent and popular scholarship programs for students. Under this scheme, Commonwealth governments intend to provide financial assistance to students who are from Commonwealth countries and enable them to pursue their higher studies on an international platform.

Who is the governing body?

An annual provision available to all Commonwealth countries, the CSFP is primarily governed by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. However, when it comes to India, it falls under joint administration –

British Council,

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India,

Association of Commonwealth Universities, and

Commonwealth Grants Commission

What are the participating countries?

Although the Commonwealth is made up of several countries, only a few countries offer Commonwealth scholarships and scholarships for students. These countries include –

  • Australia
  • botswana
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Malaysia
  • malt
  • Mauricio
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • United Kingdom
  • Various opportunities are available

Having benefited nearly 35,000 people since its inception, Commonwealth scholarships and scholarships offer numerous study opportunities for students. These are covered extensively within 7 key opportunities including:

  • Scholarships for master’s and doctoral studies
  • Scholarships awarded to doctoral students
  • Joint scholarships for master studies
  • Distance scholarships for master’s studies
  • Academic scholarships for mid-career teachers
  • Career Scholarships for Mid-Career Professionals
  • Medical Scholarships for Mid-Career Medical and Dental Staff
  • Commonwealth Scholarships You Can Apply For

While in India, if you are willing to study abroad and explore global opportunities, you can look for the following international scholarships:

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

In order to promote and recognize the highest level of intellectual achievement, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), in collaboration with Foreign Affairs and Trade New Zealand, offers Commonwealth Scholarships to study Masters and PhD courses in New Zealand. The scholarship covers medical insurance, travel insurance, full tuition fee, living allowance, etc.

Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK

For Indian students to be skilled and trained professionals, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) offers Commonwealth Scholarships for Indian students pursuing a Masters and PhD programme. The scholarship covers travel expenses, tuition, thesis scholarship, stipend, etc.

Commonwealth Scholarship in Singapore

Offered by Nanyang Technological University, this Commonwealth Scholarship is for students who wish to pursue a PhD programme. A highly motivated person can win a SGD 2000 scholarship under this program, based on their academic excellence.

steps to follow

Applications for Commonwealth Scholarships can be submitted through your EAS (Electronic Application System) through the following steps:

Applicants must apply for a course of study at a university that offers a Commonwealth scholarship.

Check your nearest nominating agency for a recommendation (for India, the nominating agency could be the Ministry of Education or the University Grants Commission).

You can contact the counselors available at the nominating agencies to get better application advice.

Please provide appropriate references to support your application.

For more details on these scholarships and their providers, visit Buddy4Study, a reputable online scholarship information platform that acts as an intermediary between scholarship applicants and providers.


What is the future after an online MBA?

Most of the students are still worried about career opportunities after this online MBA program and some even wonder if they won’t get any prestigious job profile after this course. Therefore, this blog is specially written to resolve such queries from students and make them aware of all possible career options available after online MBA programs.

An MBA is a postgraduate program that offers a wide range of career opportunities to students, and the type of jobs they get depends entirely on the MBA specialization they choose.

However, all students will get jobs in the administrative department regardless of their majors, but their field of work will be changed. The online MBA offers students several specializations in different fields such as: Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Health, Human Resources, Operations Management, etc.

Jobs Available After All Online MBA Degrees

MBA in Financial Management:

MBA in Finance is a program that deals in the field of finance and investment for any business. This program imparts knowledge on concepts such as money, banking, and financial risk management. Students will have the following jobs after the finance program:

  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Financial management
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Operations Manager
  • CFO
  • financial auditor
  • Team Leader – Finance

Master in Marketing:

An MBA in Marketing is a program that encapsulates the marketing department of any company. Marketing management is a field that exists in every business and in every business and this program helps students grapple with concepts like consumer behavior and branding strategies. This course is useful for those who are ready to enter sales or marketing. The MBA in Marketing program will make you eligible to apply for positions such as:

  • Marketing manager
  • Business development manager
  • Sales Area Manager
  • relationship manager
  • marketing executive
  • sales executive
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • media strategist
  • brand strategist
  • media table
  • Production manager

MBA in Hospitals and Health:

This is a whole new field for management students to explore and this area of ​​specialization helps students get into healthcare administration. The jobs available after the online MBA in Hospital and Health are:

  • Clinical Practice Manager
  • Hospital C.F.O.
  • general manager of the hospital
  • Production manager
  • pharmaceutical manager
  • hospital operations manager

MBA in Human Resource Management:

The MBA in Human Resources is a vital course because it creates human resource managers who manage corporate employees. This program imparts knowledge in areas such as planning, training and development of human resources, business environment, etc. The students of the MBA in Human Resources are trained to carry out activities in companies related to the selection and management of personnel. The HR manager is important and required in every business because this person is responsible for managing the employees and keeping them motivated. The jobs available after human resources management are:

  • Human resources manager
  • COO
  • Project manager
  • recruiting manager
  • consultant manager
  • recruiting manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Director of Training and Development of Human Resources
  • technical recruiter
  • Human Resources Specialist

MBA in Operations Management:

This MBA specialization relates to logistics and supply chain management for businesses and imparts knowledge of operations research, business statistics, materials management, and other operations-related concepts. It creates product managers and someone who can manage the project and handle the operational work of the company. This is an important area in the IT and Technology department and the Operations program helps students to obtain job profiles such as:

  • COO
  • production analyst
  • Project manager
  • managing Director
  • business analyst
  • distribution manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • stock manager
  • Quality Analyst
  • quality manager

MBA in Banking and Financial Management:

An MBA in Banking and Finance can secure your job position in financial institutions and banks, as these institutions require a large amount of manpower to fill their managerial positions. Therefore, the MBA in Banking and Finance is designed to prepare students with concepts such as contfinancial reliability, working capital management, etc. Students can easily get a good package once they enter the banking and finance sector. There are many senior management positions that await you after banking and finance, and they are:

  • Financial Consultant
  • financial analyst
  • Insurance and risk manager
  • Accounting manager
  • investment banking partners
  • Treasurer
  • corporate control

8 Ways to Transform Your Career with an Online MBA Degree

The MBA program in India has become very popular, especially for those who want to pursue a management degree in related disciplines. Corporate impact and management techniques are two different aspects of the MBA. Today, there are many educational institutions that offer online degrees at the UG and PG levels. You can gain admission into your desired institution by checking its reputation and sponsorships such as UGC and NAAC.

The online MBA is also offered as a two-year master’s program. You can apply to any of these universities:

  • amity university online
  • Online Jain University
  • Fine Vocational College (LPU Online)
  • Manipal University Online
  • rivers
  • Chandigarh University Online

Everyone wants their career to be brilliant with their desired specialization in management program. To enhance career goals, there are many organizations that are in the habit of promoting your career and career goals through their services and products.

This blog will help you learn the techniques to turn your career into a brilliant one. Let’s read all the points clearly.

How can an online MBA help change your career?

There are many online MBA specializations that will provide many opportunities to transform your career. We are listing eight different ways to transform using different aspects:

Online MBAs provide opportunities to transform your career in a very productive way:

  • biggest source of income

An online MBA can provide you with a good income job opportunity with a better job resource. It helps broaden the scope of your personal and financial growth, which automatically leads to increased income. A person with an online MBA degree will get better placements and job opportunities compared to others without one. Their salary packages are also higher than other people’s as MBAs provide completely professional and corporate work.

  • Evolution at work

An MBA degree will help you grow your career faster and in a very convenient way. With an MBA degree, you will gain better opportunities for promotion in the organization with which you are associated. The course helps you find and fulfill more and more job opportunities that help you move up the corporate ladder to strengthen your career.

  • management skills

The course guides students to various managerial techniques, skills and strategic management formulas. The course also helps you understand different leadership skills and qualities, such as abilities to handle different types of situations, networking, etc. in different departments and areas, such as the healthcare sector, the financial sector, the corporate sector and more.

  • Strategic thinking

MBA students know how to strategically manage things with their creative thinking to make anything possible. It helps a person not only in business goals, but also in personal life. The structure of the course is designed in this way to make financial objectives clear and to complement other objectives. Likewise, it also adds to the excellent performance of an individual.

  • self confidence

Self-confidence is very important to reach new heights in professional and personal life. An MBA program in a specific discipline provides a comprehensive knowledge and understanding related to a particular field. The course structure, syllabi, project reports, and dissertations help students meet the needs of different work environments, thus enhancing one’s confidence to rush into the future and reach new heights. The program provides problem solving capabilities to students.

  • opportunities

MBA program, whether regular or online, helps to explore a wide range of job opportunities without any hesitation. It makes students capable of handling various tasks and exploring new technologies and trends with opportunities available depending on management skills and the resources offered. In this way, MBA students can easily adapt to their jobs or jobs.

To start a business

The Master of Business Administration degree promotes different ideas of market strategies for students to start their own business, start-ups and ventures. He/she can easily do his/her job or business based on his/her chosen specialization in the MBA program. Students know the obstacles and obstacles that can get in the way of the bgood performance of your work. Therefore, they have a perfect strategy to eliminate the same and use a new strategy for better growth.

famous post

The online program offers a best-in-class education in the management sector, after which students will have respectable job opportunities in the field in which they are proficient. For example: If you have read and understood the management strategies in the HRM course, you will know how to handle difficult situations to maintain your personal reputation. With an online MBA, candidates get better career options with respectable jobs at reputable organizations. Most companies organize on-campus internships in collaboration with universities to recruit young MBA graduates because they need fresh and talented minds to do things better.


How are the best MBA schools chosen?

Once you’ve determined the type of career you want to pursue, you need to consider your personal strengths and weaknesses. If you’re good at math and science, you may want to choose a business administration program that focuses on these areas. On the other hand, if you’re better at arts and humanities, you might want a program that offers courses in those areas. For a career in business administration, an MBA university can give you the right academic foundation.

Do you know what makes the best MBA colleges in Bhubaneswar? Choosing the best MBA university is a difficult task. There are many factors that you need to consider before making your final decision. The best MBA schools have many features that you need to consider. Read on and learn about some of the most important ones.

Things to Check When Choosing the Best MBA Schools

Here are the characteristics of the best MBA schools, which will help you choose the right one for you:

  • reputation

When it comes to choosing an MBA university, you need to consider a number of factors. The first thing to look at is the reputation of the university. If you’re looking for a new university, it’s important to make sure it has a good reputation, ranking, and track record. You should also check the feedback from alumni and parents who have gone there. After all, if someone else has a lot of challenges and doesn’t make it, that college probably isn’t as good as you thought!

  • Education Level

The best MBA universities in India offer a world-class education to their students. The facilities and equipment provided by these colleges are of the highest standard. The courses offered by these institutions are also highly competitive, so you can expect to be among the most highly-qualified candidates when you complete your course.

  • Site

Consider the location of the university. The location of the university is very important, as it determines how far it is from your hometown or city. It also specifies the types of facilities available at that particular location. These best MBA universities have good infrastructure and facilities thus they can attract students from all over India and abroad. Don’t forget the location! While most people think of being closer to home when considering where to attend college, this may not always be possible depending on the type of career you want after graduation.

  • infrastructure

The infrastructure of the MBA School must be good enough to meet the needs of its students. This means that there must be adequate facilities such as laboratories, workshops and classrooms for each department within the campus. You may also consider visiting a university before making a decision on whether or not it meets your expectations.

  • Courses/programs

The first step in choosing an MBA course in Bhubaneswar is deciding what type of career you want to pursue after graduation. This may seem like a simple task, but many students make this mistake. They think they can choose any university and join their dream program. However, if you are unsure of your career goals, you should take some time to research different programs before making your final decision. You have to research your interests carefully.

  • cost/fee

Third, you may want to consider cost when choosing an MBA school, and cost is one of the biggest factors when choosing where to attend college! You should definitely find out how much money you will need to pay for tuition. One important thing to consider is whether or not there are scholarships available for students who need financial aid. Some colleges offer scholarships and grants to help cover tuition costs. This can help offset some of the costs associated with attending an expensive college.

You can also apply for financial aid from the government or private organizations. There are many different ways to pay for college tuition: scholarships, student loans, grants, and other types of aid provided by colleges themselves or by outside organizations. Find out how much money you have to pay. Think about the cost of attending college. It’s worth it?

  • last words

Do not choose any university based on the recommendations of your friends. Make sure the university has a good reputation. If possible, visit the campus on your own. You should always do your research before making a decision. Look at the course offer. What courses are you interested in? Find out what kind of career opportunities exist after graduation.

Education In Usa

5 points for support of US higher education.

The United States is the best place to study in the world. If you are looking to study in the United States, you must already be convinced of why you have chosen this destination. While there may be some issues such as financial support, culture gap, course recognition, etc. that may be on your mind while applying for a course abroad, there are many things that come with an American degree. While it depends on the individual and how efficiently they use the opportunity they receive, there is also something about the United States of America that makes it uniquely attractive.

Here are some of the reasons behind your decision to study in the US –

Employment – The best jobs are in the United States. Not only in terms of salary, but also in terms of global job recognition. The stability and management to carry out a career in a foreign country like the USA is very beneficial; But it’s not very easy either. One needs to be strong-willed and flexible in terms of adaptability.

Candidates who present this fact well during a job interview are sure to outperform their peers who have earned their degree from a local university. American degrees have been accepted around the world and are also valuable to global businesses.

Educational Exposure: Many courses in America are practice oriented. This gives you a better hands-on view of your topics. Additionally, the first two years of any undergraduate program provide students with the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects and choose their major at a later date. This gives them an idea of ​​the basics of all subjects.

Global Exposure: The United States is a diverse country when it comes to culture and climate. Your decision to choose this country will never let you down, experience wise. You can discover a lot while you are here, and this experience of being away from loved ones and courageously exploring life on your own terms will make you a stronger person and teach you life lessons worth remembering.

University Recruitment – American universities carry out highly qualified recruitment processes. Large companies seek to recruit qualified men, and even fight to gain their services by increasing their packages. This opens the door to better employment opportunities and exceptionally good packages. It all depends on you, how well you shape yourself and enhance your skills.

Travel – Traveling in the United States is very easy and worth every penny. Traveling makes a person strong and outgoing. Learn self-sufficiency and money management. No amount of money can buy you the experience you get from traveling and you’ll obviously have plenty of stories to share.

So go ahead and live the American dream you’ve always wanted and get the global exposure you deserve. My best wishes!

Education In Usa

Give your credentials a prestigious look with a PhD in the USA.

Global education is gaining importance among today’s profession students. Students who are focused on their careers hope to pursue an international education. Earning a PhD is a challenging subject and requires a lot of concern. It takes a lot of dedication and preparation because the competition is increasing. To get a good professional experience, you need to get a PhD from a reputable university.

Education in the United States is of a higher level compared to other countries. Obtaining a PhD in the US requires quality training by qualified experts. The teaching method used in America is universally accepted. There are many institutes that offer degrees like Ph.D. in the United States. The course length for a PhD is generally 3 to 6 years. The period of time varies according to the type of research, the type of thesis and the ability of the student. The student’s ability depends on the student’s academic background, for example, a master’s student will take less time to complete a PhD if the field of study matches. The complexity of the dissertation also determines the length of time to complete the doctorate.

What is the thesis? What is its importance in a PhD?

The thesis is a presentation document that contains the author’s findings and research that reflects her academic degree. The thesis is required to complete a doctorate. Some universities and colleges require a thesis at the bachelor’s or master’s level, but generally a doctorate requires a thesis.

  • Other PhDs:-

There are doctoral degrees in addition to the Ph.D. These are MD i.e. Doctor of Medicine, Ed. Any Doctorate in Education, DBAm Any Doctorate in Business Administration. Among all these doctorates, the Ph.D., that is, Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest. If you earn your PhD in the US, your degree will be prestigious and highly valued in the long run.

  • Options open to you after completion:

After earning a PhD in the US, your career profile will look attractive and you will be considered an expert in the field. If your passion lies in teaching, there are many opportunities to receive calls from the best universities and schools in the US. In the doctoral competition, you will be awarded the title of “Doctor”, which is a very prestigious title of ” Doctor”.

Going for a PhD after knowing all the future prospects. Consider the brighter side and the darker side of these syllabi. If you are confident in your ability to complete this challenging title, you are welcome.

Education in the United States is certainly standard, but you will need to financially support your course and college costs, and the US residence fee. In this competitive world, it is very difficult to get scholarships. If you succeed

Education In Usa

How are education abroad consultants beneficial for education seekers abroad?

Education abroad has become a new trend for students who want to achieve something more than the Indian education system cannot provide due to its limited resources and rigid structure. Therefore, whether a student wants to go to the US or the UK, choosing the right school becomes important. Not only this, even choosing the right place to go depends on numerous factors and if one does not have proper guidance then wrong decisions can be made.

What matters most at this stage is knowing how the individual can find the right information and then choose it wisely. With so many people giving their advice and information overload on the internet, how can one person know and have confidence that they are making the right decision? At this point, many rely on study abroad advisors for guidance and assistance.

If you are also thinking of studying abroad in a country and want your future to be prosperous, then you should pay close attention to these points in order to find the perfect educational advisors for you and understand how they can help you.

1. Do extensive research online and then get professional advice.

Before visiting or contacting any consultant for their services, check their online visibility. This can be done by looking at the website, prices, Google reviews, and even testimonials. Since media and technology allow us to get any level of information with just a few clicks, properly researching educational advisors online and then making a decision can save you a lot of time.

2. They can walk you through all the ins and outs of different countries.

This is an important thing for students to know before they even choose their course. Each country has its own privileges. However, with immigration restrictions and expensive living and tuition fees, it is very important to know which country fits your budget and which country ticks all the boxes on your list. Educational consultants for studying abroad for the US in Delhi are plentiful and many of them offer their services for free, which is a bonus.

3. Educational advisors can guide you through the visa, scholarship, and even residency process.

When you have completed your country, course and university, the next step is to understand the complex visa requirements of different countries. For example, you will need to know how much bank balance is required to apply for a UK visa. This type of information can be useful to educational counselors as they deal with hundreds of students on a regular basis.

4. Many consultants have relationships with universities that you can use to your advantage.

There are many organizations that are associated with the grassroots universities. This is a good thing as you can get close access to more information about these universities. Plus, with proper guidance through your advisor, you can learn which course can help you establish a career in the country.

5. You will receive advice on work and part-time jobs.

As a student studying abroad, many often work part-time for the sake of the experience and their money. This is a great way to manage your budget while studying abroad. Many countries offer basic salary and time around 20 hours per week. Our study abroad advisors can help you understand the requirements when you leave for your chosen university.

A senior education consultant in Delhi or any other city, if chosen wisely, can be very helpful to students who have no other means of giving advice. With their professional help, you can achieve your dreams and goals of studying abroad and excel in your chosen field. However, always remember to find a counselor who understands your needs and provides the right advice that will benefit you and your future career goals.


?How to choose the best Forex trading companies

?How to choose the best Forex trading companies

The best forex trading companies, financial brokerage firms are institutions that provide brokerage service between the seller and the buyer in the financial markets for a specific commission, and this is done through trading platforms provided by these companies to investors, through which transactions are executed at any time without obstacles, this is because These markets are characterized by the availability of liquidity all the time.

The process of choosing a Forex company is one of the most important decisions facing investors or those who think about trading in the Forex market, as dozens of trading companies compete with each other to provide the best services. These companies try to distinguish themselves by responding to the needs and desires of investors in the financial markets to attract the largest number of them in order to open trading accounts with them.

?What is the commission of financial brokerage firms

The “spread” – the difference between the bid and ask price – is the main commission that trading firms get from investors in the financial markets. This commission is obtained by the company when the deal is opened directly, and the brokerage firms get this commission regardless of the outcome of the deal, whether they are winning or losing, and avoiding forex trading losses, such as making a profit from petroleum trading, metal trading, gold bullion trading, gold trading, precious metal trading.

It is also known that companies that trade currencies and various financial assets increase the value of their commission the greater the amount of money that is traded, and for this reason only these companies provide traders with what is known as leverage. A trader, when using leverage, increases the amount of transactions opened, which automatically results in an increase in Forex commission commission.

forex trading

For example, suppose a currency trading company charges a “spread” commission on the euro-dollar pair of $ 3 points, and the actual account capital is $ 10,000, in which case the point value is $ 1. That is, the company’s commission value on each EURUSD deal is $ 3 without using leverage.

But if the trader wants to use a leverage of 10: 1, in this case the amount that is traded becomes $ 100,000, and the point value becomes $ 10, which means that the value of the company’s commission will become $ 30 for every transaction in which the leverage is used Its amount is 10 times.

?How do I choose a trading company

First: Regulation and licensing – the licenses obtained by trading companies to conduct their business

As the most important and first thing a trader should search for before choosing the company with which he will work is the license of this company or not, where unfortunately large numbers of fraudsters took advantage of this phenomenon and established fake companies for fraud and stealing people’s money under the name of Forex companies, and unfortunately the large numbers From this company directed towards the Arab world.

Second: Fees and commissions imposed by trading companies

Where the brokerage firms in the financial markets charge a commission for the services they provide, the types of fees and commissions charged by the companies can be highlighted as follows:

Spread: It is the main commission that you charge for the brokerage service, as mentioned earlier, and it is the difference between the sale price and the purchase price.

Swap Commission: This is a commission that trading companies charge for deals that remain open for a certain number of nights and days. In accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and after extensive research, the swap commission is prohibited. Therefore, companies that provide an Islamic trading account do not charge this commission to those who use this type of account.

Withdrawal and deposit fees: Some companies impose additional fees on withdrawals and deposits. This fee may be a fixed value on every withdrawal or deposit, or it may be a percentage of the amount deposited or to be withdrawn.

Inactivity Fee: It is a commission that some Forex companies impose on accounts where no deal is opened for a specified period. Some companies, for example, impose this commission if the trader has not executed any deal within a period of 3 months, others within 6 months, and so on.

Commissions for additional services provided by companies: Some trading companies provide additional services that are not present in other companies and charge certain fees in exchange for allowing the trader to use such tools and services.